Types of Green Tea

Oriental Lime

Consists of lemon peel, chamomile, natural lemon flavoring, lemon oil.

Asian Smile

Consists of sencha, pineapple, papaya, cactus flower, spirulina, white cornflower, lychee.

Matcha Gracia

Consists of green tea, orange peel, Matcha, cornflower petals, roses and sunflowers, strawberry flavoring, cream and bergamot, vanilla bits.

1001 Noches

Consists of black and green tea with jasmine flowers, rose petals, sunflower and safflower flowers with exotic fruit flavoring.

Types of Black Tea

Vital Mango

Consists of black tea, apple, candied mango, aromas, petals of safflower, sunflower and calendula, grains of amaranth, citric acid.


Consists of black tea, cinnamon stick, natural flavorings.

Berry Fields

Consists of black tea, apple, rosehip seeds and peel, beetroot, blackberry leaves, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, elderberry.

Orange Bonbon

Consists of black tea with cocoa and chocolate, orange zest, and salt flower.

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